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Cookie Policy

This document informs Users about the technologies that help this Application achieve the goals described below. Such technologies allow the Owner to access and store information (for example, using cookies) or use resources (such as by running a script) on the User’s device during their interaction with this Application.

For simplicity, all such technologies are defined in this document as “Trackers,” unless there are reasons to distinguish them.
For example, while cookies can be used in both web and mobile browsers, it would be incorrect to refer to cookies in the context of mobile applications as they are a browser-based tracking tool. For this reason, the term “cookies” is used in this document only where specifically intended to refer to a particular type of Tracker.

For some purposes for which Trackers are used, User consent may also be required. When consent is given, it may be freely revoked at any time in accordance with the instructions provided in this document.

This Application uses Trackers managed directly by the Owner (so-called “first-party” Trackers) and Trackers that enable services provided by third parties (so-called “third-party” Trackers). Unless otherwise specified in this document, third-party providers may access the Trackers they manage.
The duration and expiration dates of cookies and other similar Trackers may vary depending on the duration set by the Owner or the relevant provider. The duration of some of them expires at the end of the User’s browsing session.
In addition to what is specified in the descriptions within each of the categories below, Users may find more precise and updated information regarding the service life specification, as well as any other relevant information, such as the presence of other Trackers, in the related privacy policies of the respective third-party providers or by contacting the Owner.

Actions strictly necessary for the operation of this Application and the provision of the Service

This Application uses so-called “technical” cookies and other similar Trackers to carry out actions that are strictly necessary for the operation or provision of the Service.

Other types of activities related to the use of Trackers

Improving the experience

This Application uses Trackers to provide a personalized user experience by improving the quality of preference management settings and ensuring interaction with external networks and platforms.

Targeting and Advertising

This Application uses Trackers to provide personalized marketing content based on the User’s behavior, as well as for the operation, display and tracking of advertising.

Some of the advertising services used by the Owner comply with the concept of transparency and consent promoted by the IAB, an initiative that promotes responsible privacy practices in the digital advertising industry, providing Users with increased transparency and control over how their data is used for advertising tracking purposes. Users can adjust their advertising preferences at any time by opening the advertising preferences panel from the cookie notification or through the relevant link in this Application.

This Application participates in the IAB Europe transparency and consent framework and complies with its specifications and policies. This Application uses iubenda (identification number 123) as the consent management platform.

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As the Owner cannot fully control the use of third-party Trackers through this Application, any specific references to third-party Trackers should be considered indicative. For complete information, Users are encouraged to consult the privacy policies of the respective third-party services listed in this document.

Given the objective complexity of tracking technologies, Users are encouraged to contact the Owner should they wish to receive any further information on the use of such technologies by this Application.